Thrive Not Just Survive

Today I was reading an article about the 1st year of a baby’s life and how parents’ “survived”. I often say to parents on the 1st birthdays “congratulations you survived the first year” in fact I did this only yesterday. Even just the other day someone asked me how I was going and I replied with “just surviving”. Surviving and Thriving – Can we change the narrative?

Of course some days it does seem like you are going into survival mode, knees deep in the dirty nappy trenches, wiping away the pureed food war paint off your face – but its important to remember the days where you are thriving! When that baby slept for more than 45 minutes, when you managed to have a shower uninterrupted, when you actually maybe only fleetingly thought “yeah I’ve got this – look at me go”

Challenge Shine Mummas – pick a thrive moment daily, it doesn’t have to be big – but it will allow you to bring yourself back to a positive. If you want to take it further – write them down, look back in a week and see how well you actually are thriving rather than just surviving.


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