Forgive Yourself Mumma

Being a mum is riddled with choices and decisions, sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t.

The biggest thing you can do in the moments that you cringe and think “I did not get that one right” is forgive yourself. You are sent a series of challenges daily to learn from and to make mistakes – it is actually the most beautiful part of motherhood, making mistakes.

Let go of all the what if’s and why didn’t I’s – they serve no purpose.

Show your kids that making mistakes is all about learning and be kind to yourself when you don’t get it right – you are not perfect, nor should you want to be. Imperfect mothering is actually just perfect.

Forgive yourself mumma if you don’t know what the answers are, stick to your path, keep making your decisions, wrong or right it is all part of your journey and what an amazing journey it will be

Shine Bright Mumma


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